Marcia Paraiso
Production Company: Plural Filmes and Salta Una Rana Cine
Executive Producers: Ralf Tambke, Saula Benavente and Esteban Lucangioli


Manuela Campagna
Fagundes Emanuel
Jean Pierre Noher

Cinematographer: Ralf Tambke
Production Designer: Loli Menezes

With the support of INCAA and Ibermedia


Ana is 16 years old, she lives with his family in a village border between Brazil and Argentina. Her life, from her point of view, is quite boring. She only finds excitement in music, and in “The Cavern” a cafe surrounded by books and CDs. Here is where she meets Murilo, both share the same musical taste. He lives far and belongs to the “Landless”. Soon they felt in love.

One day they find that in Florianopolis, the band Mallu give a show. Without telling their parents they take Murilo’s motorcycle and start their trip to the show, searching for the freedom of an adventure.