At Pelícano We Set Ourselves An Ambitious Goal:  To Reveal the World.

Every World.

There are as many worlds as there are ways of looking at it, that’s why we choose to work with a large variety of directors and scriptwriters who feel the passion to tell stories. Stories that transcend the screen or the end credits, stories that make the viewers a part of it, without underestimating them, giving them their rightful place within the tale to be told, allowing them to play, at least for a bit, in a world they knew nothing about when they sat in their seats.

That’s a film. That’s what moves us and that’s what we set our minds to accomplish day after day. We strive to accompany our projects very closely on every one of their infinite stages.

Since Pelícano’s creation in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2011, we’ve taken a long and intense path filled with achievements, challenges and joy. We keep on growing alongside with colleagues and friends, coproducing films with countries like Brazil, Philippines, Paraguay, Holland, Bolivia, Chile and Colombia; films that have allowed us to show characters and places from all over the country and the world.

We want more. We want to keep on discovering new worlds, we want to continue to be amazed.


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