Director: Helena Tritek
Script: Helena Tritek
Production Company: Pelicano Cine
Executive Producers: Saula Benavente y Esteban Lucangioli

Ana María Picchio
Hugo Arana
Silvia Baylé
Mario Alarcón
Norma Aleandro
Chino Darin
Sofia Palomino
Juan Jose Camero
Mimi Ardu
Oscar Ferrigno
Esteban Meloni

Director of Photography: Lucio Bonelli
Art Director: Roberto Samuelle

Con el apoyo de INCAA

With the support of INCAA


Angelita is a kind nurse of Buenos Aires. She’s dedicated to her elderly patients, but her main concern is her teenage son, Ivan. While the elderly hold to life, young people do not find meaning, they waste it. The year is coming to an end, Christmas is coming. She knows that the future that awaits her is no different to the present she’s living. Still, while fireworks explode in the sky, Angelita achieves to gain hope.