Director: Néstor Montalbano

Damián Dreizik
Production Company: Pelicano Cine, Bhakti Films y Elegua Producciones
Executive Producers: Saula Benavente y Esteban Lucangioli
Distribution Company: Aura Films


Nicolás Vázquez
Rubén Rada
Carlos Valderrama
Norma Argentina

Director of Photography: Sebastián Pereyra Jofré
Dirección de Arte: Lucía Figini
Music: Pablo Borghi
Editor: Alejandro Soler

Whit the support of INCAA and San Luis Cine


Tuti Turman lives in a luxurious building of big city living, he is a wealthy young man who has everything in life, but no hair. For a celebration, his doorman, Hector, must travel to his hometown, where there is a waterfall whose waters make hair grow. Knowing this, Tuti offered to drive him there, and founds out that the water there indeed has unique properties. Tuti sees a multimillion dollar business, “an international center for capillary recovery.” But in order to make it happen, he must deal with the scheming Mayor Nemesio, Machaco’s armed resistance, the beliefs of the locals and the very magic of the secluded spot embodied in the figure of the Holy Chapi, patron of the Good Life and Hair.

Mystery, fantasy, faith, transmuted a famous singer and even a hairy pig trigger the end of this captivating and original story.